Health & Safety

Although COVID-19 has now largely disappeared from the news, and statistics are no longer maintained, COVID-19 is not over. There still are a significant number of infections every day. We don’t expect this to have changed until our event.

We aim to bring people together and want to do this in a way that is as safe and inclusive as possible. We are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, including people with disabilities, chronic illness, and caregivers.

Health and Safety policies is there to lower the risk and enable everyone to make an informed decision about their participation. We are aware that an in-person event can’t provide minimal risks.

The anoinced measures are not COVID-19 but will reduce the risks of contracting other infectious diseases as well.

Based on the Public Health Pledge we will implement the following measures:

Health Measures

We cannot predict how the situation will be at the event date. Therefore, the rules and guidelines below may change. We guarantee, however, that the rules will only be strengthened, and never weakened.

Possible Additional Measures

Additional measures we are looking into:

We know that this Health & Safety Policy is the start, not the end. We want to improve and adapt and are open for feedback. If you have additional needs or suggestions please let us know.

If you can support us to implement or improve a robust health policy we are also grateful.