FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You claim you want to make the event accessible and strive for inclusion. Then why do you offer an on-site event only? This choice excludes a lot of folks from the start.

We made a deliberate decision to all meet in person, having accommodation directly at the event location. We hope this will reduce hurdles to foster relationships, increase serendipitous learning, and, at the same time, offer an easy and quick retreat option to recharge. We’re aware that not everyone is able to travel, and that on-site events with lots of people can pose other challenges as well. Not offering a remote option is a trade-off for the first instance of this event. We will reconsider this in the future.

How much does it cost to attend the conference? Is hotel and food included as well?

The price is not finalized yet. As a preliminary ball-park figure, it’ll be within the range of 500-600€ per person. This includes not only the conference ticket but the whole package besides your travel costs: hotel accommodation as well as food and drinks are provided for you throughout the event. In addition, we’re looking for sponsors to reduce the price for everyone.

I’d love to come, but I can’t afford the ticket price.

We aim to make the conference as affordable as possible to enable more people to come. Therefore, we are looking for sponsors to help us reduce the price for everyone and, in addition, to offer low-cost tickets you can apply for without providing any reasoning.

Which languages will be spoken at the conference?

We want to welcome as many people as possible, and language plays a big part. English is the best compromise we know of in this European region. If you’re struggling with English, we want to encourage you to take this as a learning opportunity in a safe environment, and we will help you where we can.

An event from Friday to Sunday is quite difficult for me. Why haven’t you chosen other days?

There is always a trade-off when choosing weekends over weekdays for events. We hope that the weekend time and the offer to bring loved ones will allow more people to join. Situations are varied and complex, so we strive to meet as many needs as feasible and then improve from there.

You say accessibility is important to you. Why does the website lack to meet specific accessibility needs?

We are striving to make our website more accessible. Our current list includes supporting dark mode, increasing link accessibility, fixing issues when navigating the website using screen readers, and more accessibility improvements we are already aware of. If you notice any unmet accessibility needs, please reach out to let us know. We really appreciate your support.

Why did you choose to launch a new conference and not jump on the bandwagon of other event formats?

We love that there are lots of security-related conferences out there! That being said, we are unaware of many conferences in the security space that run as an and focus on inclusion. That was enough reason for us to create this space - as we believe security is for everyone and we can learn a lot from each other.

Who’s the target audience for your event?

We see cybersecurity as a broad topic that’s nonetheless everybody’s responsibility. You don’t need to work in security, be a penetration tester, hold a certification, or have a CVE in your name; you don’t even need to know what this all means. If you’re interested in learning together by actively participating in the event, you are welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you are a security researcher who digs deep into machine code or you are just starting to learn about security. You are welcome.

I couldn’t find any topics or presentations announced. How would I know if this conference fits me?

The conference does not come with a fixed program, only a schedule to provide a general structure. Instead, the program will be co-created by all participants during the event! How does this work? We’re running the event as an “unconference,” using the “open space” format. The most important parts of an open space conference are the people who come, as they are the ones who bring the topics. Please check out our page on the open space format to learn more about this approach and what the benefits are. Additionally, we will have two amazing security folks as our keynote speakers to kick off the conference on Friday evening.

When does the call for papers (CFP) start?

This conference runs in the open space format. Hence, we won’t have a call for papers upfront and no pre-confirmed speakers besides our keynote speakers. Instead, the program will be co-created together during the event. If you’d like to present a talk, give a workshop, or facilitate any kind of session, you’re encouraged and welcome to do so!

I noticed something that would make the conference more inclusive - did you consider it?

We welcome your feedback. Please let us know if you see an opportunity to make this event more inclusive, and we will come back to you. This is the first instance of this event - a foundation to build on further as we evolve. We acknowledge we won’t get everything right at the start, we might never - yet we can always put in the effort needed to make it better, step by step.

What’s your health policy? What precautions are you taking so that people’s health is not suffering?

We abide by the Public Health Pledge to make it safer for people with disabilities, chronic illness, and caregivers to join the event. To mitigate transmissible diseases like COVID-19, we encourage everyone coming to take a rapid test before they start travelling and require testing before entering the conference space. Please see our Health & Safety Policy for further details.

Is the venue accessible for people using wheelchairs?

The part of the venue where our event will take place is accessible by wheelchair, just as the restaurant and bar. There are also a set of wheelchair accessible rooms. Unfortunately, not all areas, including certain rooms, are accessible, if you have additional needs we will forward and clarify them with the hotel accordingly, so they can cater to it.

Can I bring someone along with me?

We welcome people in all stages of their life. So, if you bring your kids, your significant others, or any other loved ones, they are welcome.

Do you offer child care?

In the scope of the first event, we don’t have plans to provide child care yet. It is a topic we have on our list for the future.

Can I bring my animal?

Events are probably not the ideal space for many pets. Other people might have allergies or are afraid of them, and there are also the venue’s policies to adhere to. Therefore, please refrain from bringing your pets. If you are in need of service animals, please reach out to us, and we will figure things out together.

I’ve had great experiences attending open space conferences, yet my employer has not - do you have any recommendations to convince them to support me?

Here are a few points that would sell it to us!

Not enough? If your employer needs something they are more familiar with, you can always fall back on the keynotes offered by amazing folks in the security space we have in stock for you!

What kind of food will be available?

We offer a variety of food that meets various needs. Vegetarian options are part of the buffet. Additional needs like vegan, halal, or gluten-free will be clarified with the hotel on request. We will make a point of labelling the food served, so you can make informed decisions yourself.