Support Us

Creating and improving an event takes a lot of people and perspectives. You can help us in many different ways, including the following.

Spreading the word

We’re a brand-new conference. We start small, and want to reach more and more folks over time. If you know people who might be interested in joining, please help us spread the word.


Diversity, equity and inclusion are dear to our heart. We want to prioritize the most vulnerable and are eager to accommodate as many needs as we can right from the start. We are well aware that will not get everything right from the start, and we appreciate your feedback to help us do better, step by step.

Is there anything you would like to see (or contribute) to this conference? Is there anything missing which would prevent you from participating?

Any other feedback or ideas are appreciated as well and will be taken into consideration! Feel free to contact us.


If your company is willing to sponsor the event, or you know someone who might, please visit our sponsorship page.

Sponsoring will be used to reduce the ticket price for the participants, make the event more affordable and connect relevant sponsors with interested people.